Walking Miracles Family Foundation is a501c3 non profit that helps families and survivors of childhood adolescent and young adult cancer in WV by connecting them to referral networks and resources during their cancer journey and helps to help defray the costs of travel. We do this using patient navigators, telehealth and tablet technology. Our new tablet was designed by a 2x childhood cancer survivor and all the content was approved by a pediatric oncologist to make sure all the information, resources and referral networks were specifically designed to meet the needs of caregivers and families and survivors impacted by childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer in WV so they could track their cancer journey.
Jennifer has thirteen years of experience in an outpatient cancer treatment center where I developed and implemented a financial navigation program that was nationally recognized on the PBS documentary "Cancer: Emperor of all Maladies". I have also spoken at numerous conferences, among them Quest, and as an expert panelist for the ACCC. She will help with connecting to the patients helping them navigate the healthcare system, write grants, communicate and advocate to relieve the financial burden and connect the caregivers and survivors to resources and referal resources they need. Let's Support Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Awareness in WV.

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